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 Sofiane Boukhari

Photographer based in Paris


Born in Paris in 1982, Sofiane Boukhari is a French Algerian photographer. He lived the most of his childhood raised by french foster families. As a teenager he developed an interest for analogue photography. He purchased a 35mm Leica camera. He started experimenting B&W photography and built his own darkroom.

In 2000, he studied journalism at the Institut Supérieur de Journalisme in Paris. He also graduated from a Master Cinéma et Documentaire de création under the direction of Ignacio Ramonet. Later on he added up a Master in Arts et Politiques at Sciences Po (SPEAP) created by the philosopher Bruno Latour.

Sofiane wrote articles and took photographs as a freelance for Libération, Le Monde and several arts magazines.

Today, nourished by his shifted childhood experiences of a french-Algerian living in rural french families Sofiane captures series of portraits of traditional french people. His work focus on what is to be both French and Algerian and seen as a stranger in his own country.

+33 647 112 537

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